Friday, January 23, 2009


Our friend weekend is cancelled. Darn weather! But we would rather be safe than sorry. Hope you get together with the girls sometime down the road!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas 2008

Finally, I takes a while.
Gavin and his new chair.

My brother Nathan bought this for Gavin at Christmas, he LOVES it! Who would have thought a single guy with no children would have the toy of the year.

Jessie and Boen on his 1st Christmas!

They boys saying 'What's up' in his big boy chair.

He likes the clean up song, but hasn't grasp the 'clean up' concept.

His new Build a Bear, but its a puppy. We named him Ben and bought him a Steelers uniform, so Super Bowl XLIII here we come!

Okay, what parent doesn't have a bow-on-the-head picture?

Sophie and her Christmas hoodie. It keeps her warm on the single digit days.

Brittany and Gavin at Great Grandma Ethel's Christmas 2008.

The family got Guitar Hero for Christmas, and Gavin got his own that he plays while we play!

"We won't need....

to see Gavin again until his 2 year check up"....WHAT? How did I go from every 3 months to 6 months than a year? WOW!~

Anyway, Gavin had his 18 mth check up last week and, good news, we get to keep him!

His stats are, 31" tall and 23 lbs. and he didn't get any shots this time, so that was good. He is hanging out in the 10-25 percentile.
We are getting together this weekend with Andrea, Calla, Brenda and Charli in Lincoln (husbands too). We are excited stay tuned for pictures from our first "friends weekend."