Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 2009

Breckin was baptized Oct 4th 2009
I seem to pull out my camera everytime he is sleeping.

Breckin-6 weeks old

This is Gavin's Pirate look.
When ever he makes this face he says "Arrrrr Matey!

Sleepy boy

Gavin and mom had a special day out to the Children's Zoo
before they closed for the season, and we got to ride on the train.
(that is a stuffed gibbon around his neck, they are his
favorite animals to visit there, and mine too)
Leo the trash eating lion.

And of course now we are to take a picture everytime we go to bed :)

September 2009 Photos

Boen and Gavin in there Husker gear!
They played in this box for a long time-now we know what to get them for Christmas :)
The Wiechman's 2009 (Breckin was 2 weeks old.)
Gavin LOVES when Breckin comes in and says goodnight to him.
I love how Breckin is 'looking up' to Gavin already.
Keeping it cool on our way to West Point for the car show.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I know, I know

It has been a while since I updated. I have to admit I am behind. But if it makes any difference, I am enjoying my boys SOOO much! Gavin is so funny throughout the day, I miss so much while he is at daycare. Breckin is growing and smiling! And yes there are for sure some dimples!! I will work on getting some pictures up soon. Happy 5 week birthday Breckin!