Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February is almost over!?!?

Wow, I can't believe that it is almost March! Where did February go?

Well, Gavin did well at his over night with his great aunt Barb and family. They all had a blast and the kids told me that Gavin said his first word, which according to them was "cow." Not sure about that one, as he does make some interesting noises.

We wanted to wish a belated Happy Birthday 1st Birthday to our friend Calla! You can check out pictures on our "Calla' link to the right, she is such a doll. I can't believe that she is 1. Or that our friend Charli will be 2 this summer! My how the babies are growing up!

The funeral for Mitchell was yesterday. I feel very fortunate that I am not a funeral veteran, as I only have been to a few in my life. I was amazed at the turn out. Being only a sophomore in HS, there were many students present. They had the Palmyra football team as honorary casket bearers, they all wore football jerseys and many other students were there from both Columbus and Palmyra. Everyone said the same thing, Mitchell always had a smile on his face. He came to the hospital after we had Gavin. And they hung out for about an hour. I don't know many boy teens that would have done that.

Stella is doing alright, she was unable to go to the funeral. This stuff is really hitting her hard. I hope that what she is able to eat is keeping her nourished, because she has lost a lot of weight and is very pale.

Grandpa Mundt seems to be getting slowly better. Last nights up date has his IV tubes out and if he continues to do better they will move him from the ICU soon. And is sounds like the incident with the colon was possibly an ulcer that escalated with his fall.

Please continue to pray for our family and friends...
The Tomek and Severson family as they heal from the loss of Mitchell,
Stella that she finds the healing powers to beat this terrible cancer,
Grandpa Mundt as he finds the strength to defy the odds and heal from his many injuries.

Thank you.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Wow, I knew this day would come. Yet I am mixed with feelings of being ready yet not. What am I talking about? Tomorrow night will be my first night away from Gavin. :( Brian has an award banquet for work. It is at Ameristar Casino and they are buying us a room. It will be a great night out but I am sad to leave my boy. My aunt Barb and uncle Dennis will be watching him and their 3 kids are wonderful helpers, so I know he is in good hands. I guess it is just one of those mother things.

Stella is doing alright, I just hope this chemo is the answer.

Other news to report...Grandpa Mundt is in an incredible amount of pain. Sending love and prayers to Colorado! Also a dear friend of the family died yesterday in a car accident. Mitchell Tomek-15 yrs old. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Mike and Diana Tomek family. (Diana is my godmother and a very close friend/co-worker of my mom)

The Wiechman's

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hey Ladies!

Gavin was wondering..................

Would you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Well, it's been a while but I am attaching the pictures that I promised. Also January 31st Gavin got his first teeth! That is right, my boy doesn't do anything one at a time, he has both feet in his mouth both hands, and now two bottom teeth! Ah! I can't believe it, there will be a mouth full before you know it. I hope he lets me catch a picture sometime, he doesn't even let me put my finger in there to feel very well.

WOW! I love this guy lots!
mom, the camera, again...
Bathtime! And sissy helped.
Bath time photo shoot

Some Hugs for his new friend (sorry its fuzzy)

Lots of fun in here, why does mom call this baby jail?

I love it in here it's not like jail at all!

One would wonder if Gavin knows of the band KISS (maybe he is a fan of Gene Simmons)

Aww, kisses for Spidey.