Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the Middle

Gavin is in the middle. Brittany will be 15 this June, Gavin will turn 2 in July and then 2 months after that we will have another baby added to the Wiechman clan! We are expecting he/she around September 13th. We are planning on another c-section so baby W. will arrive about a week before its due date! I am feeling well, I have lost some weight, but not been sick. The doctor isn't worried about that as I was the same way with Gavin. We do not plan on finding out the sex until it arrives.

I told Gavin we were having a baby. He is so cute about it. I ask him "what's in mommies tummy?" And he whispers back as quiet as he can 'baby' and points. I know he doesn't quite understand. But it is still fun to hear him whisper as if the baby is sleeping.

This has been an emotional experience for me. The one person I really wanted to tell isn't here anymore. Brian tells me that she was the first to know anyway :) Watch over me mom, I miss you.

So if I appear moody and/or distant, do not take it personally, lets blame it on hormones.

Hope all is well with you all out in blog land. I check you all daily and am keeping up on your lives.