Monday, March 22, 2010


We have been saving for a swing set for a while now. We tried and tried last year to get Gavin and 'new baby' one and couldn't find one that we liked. Well, yesterday in the Toys 'R' Us add there was one that had everything we wanted. So after Brian had looked it over and I gave it a look over. I showed it to Gavin. He then proceeded to tell me that he 'had' everything in that ad. Then he sees the turtle sandbox and I tell him that we had that when I was little at my mom's house. He then went on and said "maybe your mom will get me that for my birthday." Oh, how something so innocent can hurt so much.~Tug


A much needed update. Were to begin...the end of February I took Breckin to the doctor for a stuffy cold/cough/congestion thing. He had that for 3-4 weeks and every time I called they said 'he is too little, there isn't much we can do." Well I took him in on Friday 2/26/10 and they said he had Bronchiolitis/RSV. I was shocked. They decided to give him a nebulizer treatment and send us home with a machine and prescriptions for the neb's, and of course some antibiotic as he had an ear infection on top of it. Well, after the in office neb treatment, his stats dropped, his pulse-ox was not good and they put him on oxygen and called us an ambulance. We headed to St. E's for the night and Breckin was luckily weened off the oxygen after 3 hours. I guess RSV has been terrible this year, we were actually put on the Critical care floor because the pediatric floors were full. But he got excellent care, they don't get many babies up there (thank goodness). But now we have been doing the treatments at home and are now off of them. Breckin is 6 months old and had his check up last week. He is only 15 lbs, which is the 9%, but they didn't seem worried as since his visit to the hospital his appetite has been a little off. But his good news is he is now eating cereal!! He really likes it and I am sure will be packing on the 'chub' as soon as he can. We get to start veggies tonight :)

Gavin is doing really well too. He was so excited to go for walks last week! The ground is still to wet to play in the backyard, but we will be as soon as possible. Brittany is doing awesome. She loves high school, student council and choir. She will be 16 this summer, believe it or not. She has been talking about getting a summer job. I hope it doesn't hurt our weekends with her, Gavin and Breckin would be very sad, as well as Brian and I would miss having her. Brian really likes working at Kidwell. It has been more physical than sales, but he really enjoys learning new things and hopes to start classes late summer/early fall. I am just living life. Enjoying my family and trying not to worry. That is a big thing, I am a worrier. I know it will all work out fine. Hope life is treating you all well in Blog-Land. Until next time! If I can I will post some pictures later this week.