Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

My mom's final resting place. It is now complete with a headstone.

The back shows the guardian angel and lists all of our names.

The is the back view of the stone. The field straight through that gate is where my step dad farms, and his family farm is up the road a quarter mile.

Colorado trip to visit the Mundt's

Gavin and Mom in the back chilling together.

Gavin and Great Grandma Maxine Mundt

I love this picture. Precious.

Gavin just saw a fox on Pikes Peak!

We went up Pike's Peak on Saturday but could only go to mile marker 13 of 19 due to the snow that was still at the top of the mountain. Brian thought this was funny, me I felt a heart attack.
Mom and Gavin in shorts on a snowy mountain. (24 weeks pregnant)

Gavin, Dad and the Peak in the back ground.

Gavin outside of Seven Falls, couldn't go because of the weather, to rainy.

At the Garden of the Gods, I love to just look at this place and be amazed at what God has done.

Gavin jumping on the bed at the hotel in Ogallala, NE. He loved it!

Cousin Paige's Graduation

Great Grandma and Grandpa Cook and boys.
Already hiding stuff in his pockets, I think it was a rock, and notice the stick in his other hand...it was a battle to get that away from him.

Gavin and Boen
Gavin is 23 pounds and 22 months.
Boen is 24 pounds and 10 months.

Best buddies.

Trying to sit for a picture, but Boen just couldn't sit still.

Kayla's Confirmation Night

Jerzey and Gavin
And again...

The whole Wiechman clan

The original bunch.

Belly picture

Me and Baby #2 at 21 weeks.

Misc. Pictures of May

Gavin with some wild hair after bath time!

Eating a sucker, he loves them but they are messy.

He like fresh choclate chip cookies too
Brittany and Gavin in an egg at the Lincoln Children's Zoo.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day 2009 bitter and sweet. Gavin and Brian treated me good all weekend! Gavin woke up Sunday morning and handed me a card he made and painted with his 'pingers'. Such a cutie! My sister Mindy emailed this picture yesterday. It was taken last Mother's Day. It is a wonderful memory, we played Scrabble and Mindy reminded us that she won, but remembered that Mom had her own (made up) couple of rules that helped her win! :) Went to visit mom's grave yesterday. It was very peaceful out there. I still wake up sometimes and can't believe she is gone.

Jessie, Mindy, Max, Mom and Gina

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

21 weeks and all is well.

Today was our check up and ultrasound! Baby has a good strong heartbeat and was moving and grooving during the ultrasound. We did not find out the sex, though I do have to admit the temptation was way stronger this time. We are measuring right on schedule.

Not much else new here. Gavin is growing and being such a stinker! He is talking in more complete sentences and amazes me with the things he says. Example, last night I was on the laptop while our 'shows' were on and Brian was playing with Gavin. When I was done I asked Brian if he wanted on the internet or if I could shut it down...and Brian didn't answer right away, so Gavin kept repeating "on the internet daddy, you want on the internet daddy..."until Brian would answer him. Too cute!

Hope you all are enjoying this nice weather we are having! I like these sunny, 65 degree days.