Thursday, August 28, 2008

Labor Day weekend, group and random thoughts

Finally a 3 day weekend! I am excited to have Monday off and as of right now, nothing planned! That may seem silly but we have been go, go going for a while now. With that being said we have weekend plans for the State Fair! Brian and I will have Tracy and Lucas this weekend as Dan is taking his 1st and last motorcycle trip of the year this weekend. Some of his buddies want to take him to Perry Lake in Kansas for a little time away. I don't think that is a bad idea considering all that we have been through so far this year. T & L are excited, I don't think they have ever been to the NE state fair.

Tonight we have a transitional meeting with the Hearts of Hope group in Lincoln. It was for families of ill loved ones. And tonight they invited us to dinner, then we will make a stepping stone for the memorial garden and end with a balloon release symbolizing a farewell from one group to the next. Dan and the kids and Jessie and our boys are planning on coming so it might be a nice experience.

As far as other things we haven't done to much. I had to clean out my moms office last Wednesday. Mom's boss Dr. Kohl called her a few weeks before she passed and said he was swamped and needed to advertise her position and she completely understood. So they needed me to do it soon, I am sure they replaced her but no one said that for sure to me. I just put the stuff in boxes I didn't have the heart to 'go through' it yet, and my sisters want to do that together. I got in my car and cried lightly as I came back to work. I didn't realize how many of the little trinkets that I gave her she would still have and on display even. I have been working on getting the kids and Dan some health insurance, oh my, expensive. I don't know Dan is going to decide but, COBRA is ridiculous!

I am starting to fill out insurance papers start that whole process. Everything is so surreal. it asks questions like, deceased name, birthday...etc. I still can't believe that she is gone. Gavin has had terrible loose stools with these molars that are coming in and Balmex, A&D and Butt Paste are not working like they normally do and I so just feel like I should pick up the phone and get one of mom's hints on what to do. I miss her, please pray.

Monday, August 18, 2008

One day at a time

Well, all of our family is headed back to their homes and things are settling down. There is still so much to do. I am back at work today. I thought I needed to get back to 'normal' whatever that is. Thank you so much to all who were able to make it to mom's funeral. They said that over 350 people attended the service. We are so touched that many people loved Stella like we did. And to those who weren't there Thank you for all your kind words, Stella stories, thoughts and prayers, they are much needed and appreciated.

That is all for now. Please check back as things will get happier, one of the last things that were coherent that my mom said to me was 'keep your humor'. And I intend to honor that.

Another thing that mom said is that I chose well, 'you made good choices.' She has thought so much of my husband. I am so thankful that he and I were matched together, whatever the age difference. Thank you Brian for hanging in there with me this week, the road will be long but with you I can do anything!

I love you all!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Funeral Service

The service will be held Friday August 15th at 10 am at St John's Lutheran Church in Seward, NE. There will be visitation at Zabka Funeral home on Thursday night the 14th from 9-8:30, with family receiving friends from 6-8pm. On Friday there will be visitation starting at 9 am Friday (at the church). There will be a full obituary at tomorrow.

Thank you for the wonderful comments, and please know that the "Stella Stories" will never stop! Also I plan on singing for mom's funeral please pray that I can make it through that as it would be the best send off to heaven that I could give her, it was a talent that we both shared.

Heaven has a new Angel

Sunday August 10, 2008 Heaven gained a beautiful angel. Stella Marie Dargeloh went home at 8:15 am. I was holding her hand and she was never alone. We are planning the funeral for Friday August 15th. Today we have a meeting with the funeral home to discuss times and a visitation.

The kids start school Thursday, but we decided on Friday so family could come in. My mom was an amazingly strong woman, and I am blessed that God chose her for me.

Please keep praying for our families.

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Few Precious Pictures

Thanks to my wonderful cousin Angi her are a few pictures from her visit to Nebraska the 22nd of July! Grandpa and Grandma Cook, Mom, Jessie and Boen (4 Generation Picture)
Gavin Me and Boen-My two favorite little guys!
Grandma and her boys.

Absolutely PRECIOUS pictures, Thank you Angi and Family for your wonderful visit and capturing truly unforgetable memories.

Forgot to mention that...

Gavin is walking he started a few steps before his birthday but on July 15th (His cousin Jerzey's b-day) he took the big plunge. So now he is walking farther and farther but sometimes crawling is just faster :) He is a little shy about who he does it in front of too.

I apologize

First of all I need to apologize. I have been a terrible blogger and for that I am sorry. Gavin had a wonderful 1st birthday and we have some cute pictures. I haven't had time to send out thank yous either and I am not sure that I will have time in the future. Boen Schweitzer is adorable and I haven't posted any of those pictures yet either. So instead of continuing writing about the things that I am sorry for not doing let me tell you what has been going on.

Last night we had a meeting with the family (all 8 kids showed up) and mom's hospice nurse. We spoke about what will be happening next. Mom has moved in with Jessie and her family in Milford. She will have 24 hour a day care then and the nurse will start coming out more frequently again. Mom isn't able to eat much as it doesn't stay down long. We all got to ask some questions and also mom shared some of her wishes that a few of us knew but now all of us know. It was emotional at times. It is hard to explain the feelings. We have known that everyday with mom is precious but also you forget that she is...dieing. So while we talked we all realize that the end is nearing. I am trying to make sure that mom knows we will be okay when she is gone, but how do you say that when you are wondering if it will be okay yourself?

Tracy and Lucas are anxious to get back to school. They have been hit by a harsh reality this summer and they just want something 'normal' back in their lives...I can't blame them. We will be spending most free time in Milford with my mom, so if you call don't expect an answer or a call back, right now we are just trying to enjoy the time we have left. I am at work and am a good emailer, so please feel free. I will try to update when I have the emotional energy.

Thank you for the love and prayers, because they are truly what have given mom these last days with us.