Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wiechman Update

There has been lots of changes at our house. Gavin talks all the time! He sings his ABC's, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Happy Birthday! He is very polite, says please, thank you, bless you and so on...
He is definitely doing something to amaze us more and more each day.

Baby W and I had a check up today. I haven't felt so hot these last couple of days (dizzy/faintish), so at the check up we tested my blood sugar as well as the protein in my urine and blood pressure and all was fine. So hopefully it was just that I caught a little something and it will pass. Otherwise, baby is growing and mommy is doing well with everything the second time around. Gavin is grasping that life will be changing as we talk about his new room and new bed and things and he seems excited for the changes. he still however is not sleeping. We had a good 3-4 nights and we are back to square 1. So we might try a night or two of screaming again and see if it works.

Enjoy the pictures below and hope all is well with you and yours!

Gavin loves his Mickey "Meeska" stickers

New swim suit! He said "Wets go wimming mommy!"

Don't forget the cool shades
gotta love the diaper wings hanging out of the suit

Dressed up for church and got some gel in my hair.

First visit to the circus, and yes we bought him a dumb light up toy.

Sitting with dad looking at the "EWWW Epitants (elephants)!"

It was fun, but we left at intermission, a little to long for someone who is 20 months old, oh well they were free tickets.

He found an old binkie and thought he needed them both at the same time.

He loves to play blocks with dad.

And dump them all over mom's living room!

Nothing better than some pizza face pictures!

And love them baby blues!


The Preister's said...

such fun pictures...he is getting so big, and so handsome!! I love the one with the old paci's -- and the sticker shots!

Glad all your tests came back good...hope you are feeling better soon!!

where are the pictures of you gina?!! :-)

The Wiechman's said...

There won't be any Gina pictures until I am defintely looking pregnant. Right now it is just the awkward-lumpy stage :)

Kara said...

Sorry to hear about the sleep situation! I think as much as it sucks some kids just don't sleep well. I was thinking about it, and I'm a 27 year old and I still have trouble sleeping unless all the stars are aligned. I'm sure that doesn't make it better when you're 17 weeks preggo though!
Did they check your iron? I had lots of trouble when I was pregnant with Holden and was dizzy all the time (pretty much the whole 2nd/3rd trimester). Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Rina...great pics! I dont know how you get some of the ones you do!! Boen thanks you for the Easter gifts! I wish you could have seen him with that jumping Dog, he carried it around for a good 20min (which is amazing for him!!) It was very cute! And the drum basket with the truck malot...he is enjoying that too! It is funny how toys become instruments! I know I cant spell! Love you and Happy Easter! Jess