Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving and more...

Uncle Corey taking Boen and Gavin to see the goats at the farm.
Out at the farm on Thanksgiving, looking for the goats and ponies.
Looking in at Willie the Giant
(the goat we gave Dan on Father's Day)
Now they are both into 'posing' for night time pictures.
I wonder when they will be begging to sleep in each others rooms...
The Children's Zoo had Winter weekend and we got to visit our friends the Gibbons.
Aunt Mindy made a quick trip to Nebraska and we meet her at Tracy's basketball game, where she got to meet Breckin. She was making fun of me a couple of times and Breckin thought that was funny...not sure I like this new partnership :)
Mindy and my boys!

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AndreaChad said...

Cute pics Gina! Glad that Mindy got to come home for a bit. Have a great day!