Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spiderman, Elmo and Stella

Okay, so I think my parents are really getting into this grandparenting stuff. Especially dad. Friday he came to see me at SMF and brought Gavin a Elmo pizzeria toy. It sings 'yummy, yummy, yummy pizza pie." Then the pizza in Elmo's hand starts singing "yummy yummy toss me in the sky!"(of course the pizza has a cheesy Italian voice) (Ha, I just said cheesy and was talking about pizza!) Gavin didn't know what to think at first but he is enjoying it as well as his Chicken dance Elmo he got from them for Christmas. Then yesterday (Monday) dad stops by again, this time with a "larger than Gavin" Spiderman! He is soft and pillow like. I brought it home to the little guy last night and...well just like everything else (including his feet) he immediately went into his mouth and he growled at Spidey! But I got some cute pictures of some hugs and kisses with him too. I will post those later.

Gavin's wasn't feeling well Sunday morning, vomiting every time he ate, but never having a fever or anything else flu like, and it got less and less by Sunday night there was nothing the matter.

Stella also hasn't been feeling well, but chemo will do that to a person. She also stopped by on Friday with some forms she needed faxed for work. She is trying to file for disability and FMLA and catastrophic leave. Some how the state can make 2 of the 3 work at the same time to help cover her insurance for a while. She looked okay Friday, but wasn't doing so well over the weekend. It usually took till day 2 or 3 after her chemo to really knock her down. But she also has a household with a puking Lucas, talking to much Tracy and coughing Max. So not 100% sure if chemo is to blame for her ruff weekend or not.

Well that is all I know for now! Please keep mom in thoughts and prayers. And also pray that she can keep her insurance she really is worried about having insurance to help cover the little bit that they cover!


Charli Ann said...

I am so sorry everyone has been sick (and talking too much!!). I hope that the weekend brings peace for everyone.

Thinking about you always!

AndreaChad said...

Glad to hear that Gavin is getting all the "normal" boy toys...even though he is young! I think that in today's society you are not a boy if you don't have something Spiderman! :) The vomiting baby is an interesting specimen and one that we hope we don't have again anytime soon! We will be in Lincoln with the fam this weekend...not for sure on schedule for anything, but we would love to try to see you guys!

AndreaChad said...

Happy 7 months Gavin!!