Monday, August 10, 2009

One year

Today marks one year since my mom passed away. So many emotions. And it doesn't seem real at times. I imagine just picking up the phone and she is there. To talk to, to laugh with, to cry with. As more and more time passes I am understanding what people were saying at her funeral~that it gets easier with time. Not that you ever get over it, it just seems less raw some days. I miss her like crazy every day and wish that Gavin would talk about grandma Stella the way he does about his other grandma's. And as I get mad that HE took her so young, I remember that she is pain free watching over us all. I have an angel in my garden next to a sign my sister in law gave me and when I am out watering or weeding I do think of her as my guardian angel. I just wish she was still here on earth.

With this new baby coming in a month or so, I am missing her more and wishing I would have had her in the room when Gavin was born or at least asked her to come into Lincoln and see him late that night he was born, instead of asking her to let me rest and come the next day. I don't want to call them regrets because it was a wonderful experience just having Brian and I there for our first born, lets just say knowing what I know now I would want a do over. Is that weird? Oh well.

We are hanging in here, keep checking back as I will be updating more. I have some stats from Gavin's 2 year appointment and baby stats as my appointments are getting more and more frequent! And of course there will be announcements when the baby arrives. Thanks for checking on us.

Love the Wiechman's~Soon to be family of 5!

(I just re-read this and realized that I rambled, sorry, but I guess, its my blog)


Kara said...

I was thinking about all of you last night while I was praying. I know the first anniversary is very hard. Thanks for your comments, I like to know people are reading my blog!

The Preister's said...

you've been on my mind all week...just know all of us who love you so much are always praying for you and hoping for more good days than bad. Stella is always with you Gina, and always with Gavin, and the new baby too..