Monday, September 15, 2008

A little fun

This was a busy weekend. Friday night my new company Kidwell had an open house and invited all of our customers, it was busy! I think it was a sucess though, we had approximately 200 people there. Saturday Brian had his company picnic, he went golfing in the morning then they had a lunch at Mahoney State Park, which by the way looks like a lot of fun for the Franssen reunion in 2010! Then after lunch we headed back to Lincoln for my picnic. They ordered the Husker game PPV and we had it on about 5 TV's through-out the building. Was a good time, as you can see below, Gavin and Brittany had a good time in the bounce house! Gavin was only in for about 5 minutes or so...then the big kids came and it was time to get out :) Enjoy the pictures below.

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